Bing Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Penalty Checklist

All webmasters and SEO’s who put their effort in developing, publishing and promoting their sites have one aim to get top rank in all the major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

And it can be annoying when instead of their hard work websites are not getting indexed and have unsatisfactory ranking across all search engines or get penalized. The major reason behind the poor performance of the website is not following the SEO and Webmaster guidelines provided by the search engines or practicing the black hat SEO techniques for website promotion.

As we know, Bing search engine from Microsoft is an evolution in the internet search. And Bing has good market share in web search space. So we cannot over look Bing and therefore webmasters should know the Bing guidelines and make proper implementation of all just form the first step of website development.

Bing webmaster guidelines / Bing penalty checklist one cannot over look

What to do:SEO Company India

  • Website must be designed with a clear hierarchy.
  • Easy internal navigation.
  • Add sitemap for users so they can have a clear idea about the website.
  • Proper Html coding: make use of important tags like Title and Meta. And Alt attribute should be used for describing the image.
  • Avoid broken links in the website i.e. implement 301 redirection to solve this issue.

What not to do:

  • Keyword stuffing: don’t fill web pages with unnecessary keywords.
  • Don’t use copied or duplicate content on the website. Put relevant, original and quality content.
  • Avoid Cloaking: Cloaking is a practice where one set of content is shown to human visitors and another set of content is shown to search robots. For example: Writing with white over a white space.
  • Avoid Doorway pages (pages created for spamdexing) i.e. Doorway page are poor quality webpage stuffed with keywords or phrase to spam the search engine.
  • Avoid using link farms or other methods for generating back links.

Thus, if you want your site perform well in Bing and should not get penalized, follow the webmaster guidelines and Bing penalty checklist.

Bing has released the penalty checklist and SEO guidelines for the webmasters. You can download it from the Microsoft Download Center in either of the document formats (PDF or XPS).

Check out the Penalty checker tool at Gabblet Toolbox.

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