Bing seems to add up some new features in a bid to overtake Google

imageThere is no doubt that Microsoft’s search engine, Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the race of the popularity and usability but Bing will have to make lot more efforts if it wants to compete with Google.

An article published by the Sydney Morning Herald exposed that in a bid to compete with Google Bing is all set to uncover a complete host some innovative functions and features. Bing has optimistically doubled its share of the search engine marketing in the last two years

With the rise in growing proximity and popularity, Bing has grown to be more of a center for search engine marketing programs. It might be that firms seem to divide their focus between Bing and Google in future.

Stefan Weitz, a senior director at Bing Search USA, commented on the new features.

He said: “People are going to see really great results from the things they expect and they’re going to see some surprise with things they didn’t expect.

We create experiences for you, for example if you want to go on holiday, we can strap together all the web’s power,” he added.

However, rather than simply offering the same features already provided by Google, Weitz stated that Bing would take a different approach, continuing: “It’s focusing a lot on how we can build search-and-find into search-and-do.

“There’ll be some pretty clear difference with Google.”

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