Bing Search Algorithms Update – Poor Grammar May Result Negative Search Rankings


Are you surprised to hear about, Poor Grammar & Typos May Result in Lower Search Rankings on Bing search result page? Yes, this is the fact; a head official from Bing Duane Forrester wrote in his blog post that Bing’s search Algorithms are very concerned with the poor Grammar and typos for the ranking matters on its search result.

At the same time he said also, this is similar like you judge others writing exactly the same Bing’s search Algorithms will justify yours. The message is very clear, Bing try to put the high quality and content on your WebPages along with correct Grammar. The major purpose of making such changes, to provide the users a convenient way to understand the information easily that you include on your WebPages, if there found incorrect grammar issue then it may count as a negative part for your site ranking on Bing Search Result.

Google on Grammar & Rankings:

In comparison to this with Google is quite differ, yes Panda Algorithm is concerned with quality content, whereas unclear in regards to the Grammar issue.

On the other hand Google’s matt Cutts said few days ago in his official video, Google search result is not lead a negative ranking factor as comments.

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