Bing replaced yahoo’s search result in Europe: It’s BingHoo


seo company InddiaNo one can understand what these search engines do. Where google comes with the new added features in its search results every after day. Bing does it frequently but whatever it does is shocking.

Like, According to the report Microsoft’s search engine bing’s gonna replace yahoo search results in Europe. It means that we are not going to see yahoo’s search results in Europe, even instead of yahoo search results viewers will see the bing search results.

The drastic replacement, at first was reported by searchnginewatch earlier today, revealing the fact that yahoo isn’t that able to survive in the tough competition of search arena. Even with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) taking over search for Yahoo, Bing has had a tough moment in time making growth in opposing with Google (NSDQ: GOOG).

Statistics from earlier this year explained Bing making some gains in the search market, but it was more often than not at Yahoo’s expenditure, not at Google’s. Apart from this today it will it will go live at a variety of stages. Even From today Germany, France, Italy and Spain are too making the switch.

Well, what ever happened is appreciable but so many of us are still confuse. If yahoo will explore the bing search results then how we will name it out Bing or Yahoo ‘confused’ well I have the solution. It should be called “BingHoo”.

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