Bing once again comes up with the new homepage: It’s so cool

seo IndiaIt seems that Microsoft is really very desperate regarding the 2nd position of Bing where Google is still dominating as a giant search engine Bing is also finding its way to win this race. Bing nowadays is known as most experimental search engine. Some months later Bing had changed its homepage and that was so trendy and stylish.

It was better than anyone and now you can see Bing again seems to change its homepage, so what do you say about it? It’s just awesome. The latest version of a homepage removes some clutter, adds up some mobile-friendly elements, and moves most navigation to the explore bar. It shows that Bing HTML5 is coming soon.

The different to the previous homepage is that the left navigation has been stimulated to the explore bar at the top. Further minor changes comprise improved importance for the "popular now" items and the back/forth navigation arrows as well as the Facebook "like" button having moved to the top-right.

The major importance of these modifications appears to be a mobile-friendly interface and a part from this it’s running some additional tests on an interchange glance and feel for the search engine results page and some of the Bing verticals.

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