Bing offers mall map search service for mobile users

Recently Microsoft’s search engine bing has launched the new service for the mobile users, the people who use mobiles phones such as iphone, android and blackberry now can search widely anything about the malls. It means it consist the map search features.

Currently In the map form it has around 400 mall maps to shop and search. Let me tell you guys 400 means a lot your will power to search will end but the malls will not. It’s a great way to save time when you instantly make plan to shop for your vacation. Its effective for the last min., shop as we normally do.

We’ve made locating mall maps an easy task from your desktop or Just search for the mall name on Bing or Bing Maps, then click on the Mall Map link in the search results contact card. “Says the bing maps team

While searching for the mall map in the bing map search, the search results get benefit of Bings Maps, List split view given that a active harmonization flanked by a list and matching map in a solitary vision. Berate the map and strike refresh and the results in the list will modify based on the location of the map.

The map highlights the business locations as you scroll throughout the list making it effortless to perceive where all the options are positioned. “You can also view different levels of a specific venue by clicking the ‘Level’ button at the top of the screen and then selecting the correct level from the provided list,” the team says.

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