Bing News Submission – How to Submit Site to Bing News?

SEO IndiaThere is no doubt that Bing is gaining momentum in US as well as worldwide since its revamp from MSN Live Search. After the Yahoo pact, its search share has reached near to 30{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} (US). Thus, there is a excellent opportunity for the Publishers and Webmasters to get more traffic from Bing via various ways. Bing news is one of the best way to get really good traffic. If your website have quality and fresh contents then don’t wait, Submit your website for Bing News.


There are 2 ways you can submit your website for Bing News Inclusion.

1 Way:

Go to

Select "Bing" from the list of services

You’ll then get a form

Fill your Full Name and Email address

Select ‘How do I Submit my Website to Bing?" & then "News Site" from the drop down menus

Put a brief description in the box below

Don’t forget to mention the below details:

  • Provide an introduction, historical background, and credentials of the site.
  • Credible ranking of the site in its field, if any.
  • Name the locale (or audience scope) the site’s stories cover for. Provide the state/city names + zip codes or describe the groups of users.
  • Provide statistics on the site.
  • Is the site mostly news related?  Please explain.
  • Provide the URL of main news entry point as well as the entry points of major channels.
  • RSS link to the site.
  • Does the site comply with the technical requirements on the Webmaster Tool blog about “good” search engine optimization?


Once you’ve submitted that form you’ll get an automated e-mail requesting the below details:

  • Location of your news feed/sitemap
  • An in-depth historical background of your site
  • Any awards your site has received
  • Statistics on your site: number of visitors, demographics, etc.
  • Information about the editors and authors, and their credentials
  • Any other information you think may help us have a better picture of the quality and content of your site

Carefully answer all the questions and if you are lucky then Bing will include your website for Bing News.

Support Bing Forum:


2 Way:

Email at with the following details:

  • News URL
  • Site Name
  • Target Audience
  • News Category Pages
  • Contact Page
  • Rss Feed
  • Website History
  • Why Bing should pick your website
  • Any other information

This is a hand-pick way which is only recommended if the above way is not working. Read more at the Bing community:


Contact us at if you need any assistance or consultation regarding Bing News Submissions.

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