Bing Maps gets updated, has a new Bird’s Eye imagery and Venue Maps

Microsoft has updated its mapping service, Bing Maps, recently with a few interesting features which will surely draw some crowd to the portal, even die-hard Google maps users. The new features includes Bird’s Eye imagery of locations, new detailed Venue Maps and a “Report a Problem” feature to collect feedback from users. According to sources, Bing Maps has added a staggering 270 terabytes of fly –over imagery to its “Bird’s Eye” section, the size of which is equivalent to a hundred thousand DVDs.

According to Bing Maps, it has covered 1,452,948 sq. kilometers area of the earth with eye catching high resolution images as well as virtual tour to tourist spots around the world. Venue maps provide internal lay-out of some 4,700 landmark buildings and locations around the globe located in 59 countries. Sources from Bing Maps added that users can easily explore through all the floors of a venue including airports, amusement parks or places of historical importance and can also see a directory of lists of points of interest by clicking on the colour specific marked area in a venue map.

Taking a leap forward, Bing Maps has also added option to users to provide feedback through the newly added “Report a Problem” link. Users are free to report any trouble they faces from the mapping service. In a nutshell, Bing is really playing hard to give Google Maps a stiff competition in times to come.



Source: Bing Blog

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