Bing launches a new feature ‘Action Buttons’ to save users time in searching queries

On Wednesday 21st Sept Bing announced a new feature to save the users’ time across a huge variety of searches. The feature launched by Bing is fairly simple but more interesting to imply. Whatever you have to search on Bing whether it is banking, searching for flight, booking for a movie ticket, hotel booking this feature help you in making the decisions faster.

The Bing team has used “deep links” as a method to facade accepted pages within a specified site. For example, the result for United Airlines comprises the links “Check in online,” “,”“Flight Search” and Baggage at the top of the page so you can quickly confine what you’re searching and go directly to that part of the website. 

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Bing say in a blog post that they are taking this step further with the launch of Action Button. More over when the users search for the top 7 categories such as airlines, restaurants, hotels couriers, banks, rental cars, and software downloads. Users will be presented these buttons for the top actions on the site which will directly take you to the site where you can easily perform your task.



Overall Action Buttons will enable you to give the specific information on just a single click. It all about searching your precious time and take you to the smart search. You can obtain to what you’re looking for exact from your search results.


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