‘Bing it On’ – Blind Challenge to Google


Microsoft Bing has launched a new “blind search results comparison test” called Bing it On.  This test offers users to pick the best result they like or they feel better from a 5 set of searches. Once you will finish 5 searches, Bing it On will tell you the Winner. You can try the test here: http://www.bingiton.com/


According to Bing:

Although most people identify themselves as Google searchers, an independent study commissioned by Microsoft Corp. shows people chose Bing Web search results over Google nearly 2-to-1 in blind comparison tests. Given those findings, Bing decided it is time to let people see for themselves that there is a better option in search.

Beginning today, America can click and choose which Web search results it prefers by participating in the Bing It On Challenge, accessible via BingItOn.com


Bing has been doing various Bing it on Test on the street:

Bing it On challenge

According to Dr. Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President, Bing R&D:

These are just a few examples of the myriad algorithm changes that we’ve developed to enhance Bing over the years. With all of these changes we’ve made some great progress in Bing search quality for our customers. You will notice we have released a fun, non-scientific tool for customers to see for themselves how far we’ve come. And while we know we still have lots of work to do, we think it’s long past time in our industry for a conversation on search quality. This conversation is what we hope to start with the Bing It On Challenge, and continue in the future to make sure we are delivering the quality experiences our customers deserve.

Bing it On basically targets Bing US and Google US search results so if you are outside USA, you may not find Bing results as competitive as the US results.  Bing it On will be promoted on TV as well as Online and will launch tonight during MTV’s Video Music Awards.

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