Bing is going to launch “video homepage” shortly in international markets

Bing homepage team is always dedicated to serve the users something new every time. Carrying that image Bing again wants to introduce something new on its homepage. On 23rd of September Bing looked really energized to announce the first ever video homepage.

You can get all the exquisiteness and stratagem of the Bing homepage with a slight breath of life added, if you have an HTML-5 enabled browser. Even users who don’t have a modern browser can continue to experience the stunning still photography that Bing is all about. Viewers who are hot having the video and want to see what this new addition is all about? Try downloading IE9 and going to

Bing says that they will not program the video every day; it will be played only when their mood will strike them. Presently this first video is in US only but they will try to launch its video homepage in the international markets very shortly so wait for this

To watch this video click the following link or click at video


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