Bing introduces its weather and finance tools

seo services IndiaIt seems that Bing no more wants to stay back. Where Google is known for its new inventions and innovative services, Bing is not blower then anyone. The search engine game has turned out to be as much regarding providing influential surface services as it is concerning offering the best SERP results. The first half of this month has seen two efficient services on Bing: Bing Weather and Bing Finances.

Now users are offered presented with visually pleasing doohickeys that consists a credentials shimmering the present forecast for the region, with the Bing players as well adding up a new-fangled “Weather” tab to the top of search results, which give more inclusive weather information.

Monthly standard of rainfall, sunlight, temperature, wind and humidity are exposed, a part from this journal statistics nearby, sunshine days, rainfall day, snow days and additional days. Ongoing its record of sturdy organizational as recognized previous with their employment beside Face book, Kayak, and Yahoo), Bing is "tying with most important economics resources counting Seeking The Fly On The Wall, Alpha,, and to assist you create additional knowledgeable monetary conclusions.

"These partnerships allow Bing to provide real-time updates to stock values, show online conversations (especially Twitter conversations) on a given stock, display recent news about any given company, and show "data, tools, and analysis currently only available to professional investors" (according to the Bing Blog entry announcing the release).

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