Bing brings more control for Webmasters, can change Deep Links now on

Bing has recently announced changes to deep links management for its search engine with added control for webmasters to specifically remove deep links that Bing algorithm automatically generates to be shown under the main search results for a webpage. Webmasters can now on log in to Bing Webmaster Tools to remove the Deep Links that they don’t want to be shown in search engine results page.

The new changes comes after there were issues reported in the past on showcasing particular site links in the search result page of Bing. As for now, Bing had been selecting random news stories to appear as deep links to websites irrespective of any genres. But the new changes will allow users to use the deep links tool to block any particular deep URL from being displayed in the earlier fashion. Users will also be able to block deep links being shown only to specific countries or regions which will help websites dealing in international audiences but yet being country specific for actual users.

Blocks will carry a validity period of 90 days after which the user will be intimated to log into Bing Webmasters Tool account for an extension. Bing has also added that accounts with previously blocked links will automatically be migrated to the newer version of the webmaster tool. Bing has definitely taken a good step forward in providing additional flexibility to webmasters in controlling deep links.

Bing brings more control for Webmasters can change Deep Links now

Source: Google

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