Bing Ads launched in Australia and New Zealand

Microsoft has announced the commencement of Bing ads in Australia and New Zealand recently. Bing ads formerly known as Microsoft adCenter is a service from Microsoft’s stable that provides pay per click advertising on both Bing as well as Yahoo search engines.
bing-ads-launched-in-australia-and-new-zealandBing Search has been a grand success for Microsoft and according to the recent stats released by the internet giant, 159 million unique search queries are being made in the search engine. The stats on Bing Ads and the Yahoo Bing Network has also revealed that 51 million of the strong 151 million searches made by users are not Google Search users. Bing Search operated in 25 international markets and users have thronged into the search network launched by Microsoft.“This continues our expansion across the globe, and we’re very excited to provide our services to 5.5 million Australians every month, of which 3 million are unique to Bing Ads in Australia and New Zealand!” as told by Chris Wallington,advertising lead from Microsoft. He also added that the Australian audience spends 5 percent more than the average searcher the reason for which attracted the company to tap into a lucrative consumer base with a high propensity to buy goods online and avail services as well.
Microsoft has been betting high on their search engine Bing and the new ads will definitely confront to Google’s own ruling ad program in days to come.

Source: Google News

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