Beware of Fraud SEO Companies !!

Today the scenario of online marketing has been completely reversed if compared from the past. There has been a lot much changes till now. From Panda to Penguin, every update is pointing out more filtered results whether its about content or backlinks.

“No matter how big company have you chosen for SEO”. The only thing that matters is whether they are updated one step ahead of the new update about to come.

When its about choosing the best SEO company for your business needs, you simply need to think practical possibilities.

If an SEO company is offering you to jump with high rankings for the desired keywords of your business under top search results then it’s obviously playing with your time, money and of-course business.

All you need is just following some basic steps with any SEO firm, and to confirm the reliability and genuine SEO work done by the SEO company you have chosen, right through  the SEO reports they provide you.

Doing SEO is not only the Job of an SEO company you have chosen. It’s your job also to regularly update yourself with the latest or new SEO changes as compared to the old Compliances.


For this, the most simple ways you can choose are as:

1. Regularly check the SEO reports sent by the SEO company hired by you.


2. Confirm whether the resources used by them for off-page activities are not spam or low quality.


3. You must also make a habit to regularly check the content they are using for those activities is not reused again and again. The content must be simply unique, good quality and different every time.


Following these basic steps you can surely mark yourself to be the real business person who understands every pitfall that may encounter in the success of his business.

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