Beware ! Google to provide source of malware and phishing attacks



Good news for those who are prone to malware and phishing attacks while surfing web as Google users will soon be able to access information about sources of infected websites and other cyber problems. The extreme thorough statistical data will be meant for boosting internet security, as told by Niels Provos, Google developer. The report will eventually be published by the company in it’s Transparency Report.

The world wide web has been suffering from two of the worst and biggest threats since it’s existence, malware and phishing scams. To those who are still unaware of, malwares are deployed by hackers which helps them in taking control of any computer remotely if connected to internet and phishing scams try to seek out passwords or any other personal information available from the user. To protect users from such cyber attacks, Provos had developed Google’s safe Browsing Programme back in 2006. Users coming across any of cyber scams from suspected websites, are always confronted with an warning prior to opening and this has been made possible by Google’s Safe Browsing Programme, irrespective of any browsers used by users. According to Google, 1 billion users have taken the advantage of the programme since it’s inception.

With this new development, Google plans to show the number of users receiving malware and phishing attacks warnings weekly, origination of such attacks country wise and how quickly websites again fall victim to malware after removal.  According to Google, security agencies and website operators will be profited by this report as they will get to take a closer look into such scams.


Source: Google

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