Autosuggest shows up in Bing Search, to challenge Instant Search and Knowledge Graph


Microsoft had been betting big on its exclusive search engine , Bing Search and this time Bing Search has stepped up the level of search suggestions, autocomplete and semantic search. Bing Search has added auto complete to its search tool along with addition of Bing snapshot search, an addition resembling to Google’s Knowledge Graph. The new improvised Bing autosuggest displays near instant information on keywords in an area attached to the search box.

Bing has introduced the new feature in its effort to challenge Google’s much hyped Knowledge Search. Bing has introduced the Snapshot data right into the autocomplete box although these results work for only a limited keywords that Bing Search understands via Snapshots. Whenever Bing has suggestions on keywords search for, it shows the entry in Autosuggest with a right pointed arrow. Users has to simply hover over suggested searches to go through the suggested snapshots. Bing has also renamed its “People autocomplete” with “Bing Autocomplete” that suggests search results for movies, albums, places and a vast other keywords.

Bing Search has definitely been successful in drawing crowd towards its creation and with market share surging for Google, Bing will definitely lure users in days to come.

Source: Bing News