Apple may strike deal with Bing to replace Google on iPhone

Apple is apparently striking a deal to replace Google Search Engine with Microsoft’s Bing Decision Engine as the standard search decision engine for iPhone as reported by Bloomberg reported yesterday on January 20th.


There is no secret that Apple and Microsoft have one of the stranger relationships in technology sector. While Microsoft has produced software like Office for the Mac platform, and similarly Apple has also opened its doors to Windows with its switch to Intel but still are competitive with each other. But Apple’s relation with Google is getting bitter (yep.. Nexus one and Andriod OS), which is the perfect opening for Microsoft when it comes to the iPhone.


A deal between Apple and Microsoft may mean iPhone owners would automatically get Microsoft’s Bing as the main search engine, possibly requiring users to actively change phone settings if they want to search via Google,” wrote Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows and Cliff Edwards.


The deal would suit both parties, as Apple would receive a higher share of the mobile ads profits than it is currently dealing with Google.


For Bing, the iPhone platform would provide Microsoft with a valuable opportunity to gain some much-needed market share specially in Mobile search where Bing shares are very low.

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