Amit Singhal – Google Is Swiss Army Knife and Publishers Are Corkscrew

Orange set of tools as knives, scissors, corkscrew, opener

Yesterday night at SMX West, in a conversation with Google’s Amit Singhal, Danny Sullivan asked about the Knowledge Graph for a while, on the other hand within this conversation Dan Barker tweets about Scraper Sites once again. There after Danny Sullivan said Google is the biggest scraper shared the relevance publishers.

At the same time Amit Singhal put his reaction in his own way and gave a comparison.

He used metaphor for this going on issue, and said Google is Swiss Army knife whereas the publishers are like cork screws, screw drivers etc.

He mentioned in his analogy that Google provides the user such tools to perform a quick job; if you want to use it in full volume then you need to break out the real tools and peep in depth. On knowledge graph he spoke you get little information about knowledge graph but need to research more, then you need to reach on the actual links and try to get the source and learn more about the facts.

The main problem is that 90{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} of searchers like to quick fix as Google keep doing this.

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