All you wanted to know about Google’s 15th birthday shocker : Hummingbird Update


When Googlers around the world were busy shooting the piñata on Google’s 15th birthday, the search engine giant also silently announced a new update to their search algorithm, the biggest of all since its Caffeine in early 2010 update that brought the entire SEO world in to a turmoil. According to Google, the new search tweaking will affect 90 percent of worldwide search made through Google Search. The new search algorithm will add the ability to compare and add filters to Google’s highly anticipated knowledge graph. For those who are scratching their head now, knowledge search is a initiative by Google to improvise the search results for any keywords searched for in search results.

Google’s Hummingbird update brings enhancement to search results by  understanding the relationships between concepts rather than simply matching keywords in documents. The new algorithm uses mathematical formulae to determine search results for queries made by voice search. At the advent of a smartphone boom, people are more into making voice searches rather than physically typing the same in Google search bar leading to which the tech company to work upon its search criteria. Also site ranking has also been revamped in the Hummingbird update which focuses on ranking websites based on the relevance of keyword searched for. In the announcement event, Google’s Scott Huffmen, a key engineering director working on natural language, stated that Google will focus more on getting natural with people in their search criteria.

Knowledge graph is a applaud able functionality Google is widely focusing on for its search engine and so far the company has definitely been able to  bundle it with a huge encyclopedia of 570 million concepts and relationships.

Source: Forbes

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