Alas! Google wonder wheel feature disappeared


company IndiaGuys there is a bad news for some among you, guess what? The users who would prefer wonder wheel feature will not be able to see it anymore on the Google side bar since it has been more removed from the tools section on the sidebar Which Demonstrates on the left side of the screen during the web searches.

Generally it was used by sems, seo’s, and advertisers for visually recognizing relations flanked by a search terms and associated searches using the Google database. As you stirred from one set of terms to a new results would transform. It would assist this user group find out related keywords and thoughts to discover probable buy for as Ad Words or for additional examination. An additional group of users who also used Wonder Wheel for keyword detection and innovative concepts and relations to blemish were students, educators and librarians.

Whatever happened is very much pity, but now everyone is having one similar question, that is why Google has removed such a great feature like wonder wheel? For answering this spokesperson revealed that this tool has been removed due to the "initial stage" of the site redesign Google announced earlier this week. Consequently of the crush of Instant Search, Google Determined that no one required the Wonder Wheel anymore or it can be predicted that it just wanted them not using it anymore.

There is a Probability to get it back

Fortunately there is a probability to get it again by changing some settings but as you know that it is always genuine and genuine it would not that look attractive.

If you really desired and keenly want to see the wonder wheel once again then, you’ve got to turn off Google Instant by clicking the small "instant Is On" link subsequently to the search box on a few search results page. After doing all these changes, you can search "the old fashioned way" and to discover the Wonder Wheel in the sidebar of the search results page once more.

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