After a shopping spree Yahoo wants a new logo, to send off the current one with daily tribute

So far as Yahoo’s shopping spree continues to put people to speculation, the company has yet another hot news to reveal. Yahoo has announced that it is going to shred off its older logo and will be announcing a brand new Yahoo! logo next month. The announcement came in a blog posted by Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Savitt.

Since its inception of its new CEO Marrisa Mayer last year, the company has safter-a-shopping-spree-yahoo-wants-a-new-logo-to-send-off-the-current-one-with-daily-tributeensed a sign of progress after its acquisition of a handful start ups lately and improvement of existing product line ups. It seems like the once-sinking company will re-establish itself into the game with a refreshed logo which the company says will evolve the essence of the brand. Although the new logo won’t show up until September 5th but Yahoo! has decided to give its existing brand logo a grand retirement with a series of 30 different logo styles showing up in its websites everyday. Although the logos will be only shown in the US sites, Yahoo says that “It’s our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo.

Although Yahoo won’t diminish its purple color as well as the traditional exclamation mark, it will be worth a watch as to how the company sets up its new signboard as a part of renovation.

Source: Tumblr

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