AdWords Editor’s new custom rules let you judge you your own advertisement.

Google’s new update has gone one step further with Adwords version 12 that make the advertiser to give their best effort by telling you when you are not complying with other features.



Custom Rules

“With AdWords Editor 12, you can now use custom rules to check for changes that don’t align with your best practices,” said Google on its blog post.

Version12 allows advertisers to set custom rules for ads according to the advertiser’s own best practices.

For example, if you want all of your search ads to contain four or more sitelinks as Google suggests, you can set that as a custom rule. AdWords Editor will then alert you of campaigns or ad groups that are not following your custom rules.


Advertisers can also see the editor pane for setting up their own custom rules in order for them to quickly see any warnings or errors. They can filter the custom rules in the violation criteria box.

Faster Downloads

On updating to version12 the previous data will automatically get transferred which results in faster downloading of your account information.

Bidding to Maximize Conversions

‘Maximize Conversion’, the technology which Google introduced last month will also be available in version12.

Maximize conversions is an AdWords Smart Bidding strategy that automatically sets bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign while spending your budget

To maximize, it uses historical information of your campaign and contextual signals at the auction-time.

Other Features

Other Features include uploading of images/videos for universal app campaigns and new customization fields for responsive ads and also the feature of Responsive ads like: “Price prefix”, “Promotion Text” etc.