AdWords Editor update: Convert text ads to responsive ads

The latest version of AdWords Editor adds support for several new features like bulk creation of responsive ads from text ads and also includes additional support for Gmail and YouTube ads.

Responsive ads included in native ad inventory on mobile, runs on the Google Display Network and can dynamically adjust to fit available ad space. To convert existing text ads/expanded text ads to responsive ads, now you have to just export them to a spreadsheet and fill out some missing fields. In the end, you have to select “Export as responsive ads” in the drop down menu of “Export as” before uploading the file back into the editor.


Adding square images to responsive ads is now possible in Editor.

Other updates in AdWords Editor 11.7 include: 

  • you can now create and edit multi-product Gmail ads
  • you are able to add six-second bumper ads to ad groups for YouTube campaigns and can also edit existing bumper ads in the Settings panel
  • you are able to manage locations extensions, which includes creating, editing and removing extensions from accounts that have Google My Business linked