Ads for illegal drugs shows up in Google: Government worried (Update: ads and videos taken down)

After the accusation from Attorney General of Mississippi that Google has been posting ads for illegal and counterfeit drugs in US, the company has taken the matter seriously weeks after. Ads for a hefty number of websites selling medicines without a valid prescription have disappeared from Google Search results page, as admitted by the Attorney General, who warned the Search Engine giant last week regarding the same. Not to forget that in 2011 the search engine jargon had to pay $500 million to settle Justice department charges over fraudulent online Canadian pharmacy ads selling banned and counterfeit drugs in the US.

Jim Hood, the Attorney General, said this Monday that he was sending a litigation-hold letter to Google stating all the legal actions that the company might face in case of violation of laws and asking Google to preserve evidences for all the pharmaceutical  websites that has been taken down.

Also, Youtube has blocked all the videos which Hood accused were advertising the illegal drugs in the US. Google says, its review teams are always in action round the clock, removing all illicit contents from its websites that violates the stringent policies of the company. Although the company admits that it is cumbersome to review all the videos as 72 hours of video is uploaded every minute into Youtube, Google promises to be pro actively bringing down illegal contents from its websites.

Source : Google

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