5 Top Website Traffic Estimation Tools

Everything doesn’t stop by getting your website marked by a search engine to be ranked good with desired keyword. There’s been always a mind set of a website owner to focus on particularly traffic at last.


Only few tools can provide you the data what you are exactly looking for, and what can help you to get an idea:

How to improvise the traffic on your website more good results.

And, at what part of your website you need to work, “hard and smart” !

On the internet we would surely get a bunch of tools to estimate the traffic on your website. But, its hard to get the best out of them.


Here, Gabblet is introducing top 5 best tools to estimate traffic on your website, and some on other websites too.


1. Google Analytics


google analytics

With No doubt Google Analytics is one of the best tools to get the exact traffic estimation Idea. But, for this you need to put the Analytics Code in source code provided by Google for your website. 

You can get more about Google Analytics here.



2. Alexa



Alexa is one amongst the famous tools to check Global ranking as well as Local Ranking based on traffic only.

In depth it also tells the detailed analytics data such as number of sites where your website is linking in, {9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8}visits, pageviews/user and so on.



3. Attention Meter


attention meter

In this particular traffic estimation tool, you may compare upto 5 website’s traffic with each other.

It also shows the Graph based on different metrics such as Pages per visit, Site Visits, Unique Visitors and so on.



4. Traffic Estimate



This website provide the aggregated information of a website’s traffic.

It also shows a detailed data such as targeted keywords, related websites, Domain name and hosting information etc.



5. Dig Site Value


website analytics tool

This tool is best in its style of telling a combined report of Ranking, Page Rank, Daily Visitors, Back Links, Traffic Estimation etc.

Except, Google Analytics on all the rest traffic estimation websites, the traffic calculation can be done for any website, but for Google Analytics you need to have access to the website to put analytics code in your source code.

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