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Today the scenario of promoting your website on web is facing a lot more hurdles as compared to yesterday. Google has penalized a lot much websites involving in Blackhat Jobs or Spamming the website which are crossing the rules marked by Google  Penguin or Google Panda.


If you have hired a n SEO firm blindly believing that only hiring is enough rather than continuously keeping in touch with the SEO Firm for regular updates then you are obviously doing a big mistake.


You are more defaulter than the SEO firm you have hired, doesn’t matter how big is the profile and name of that SEO company.


However, even if, giving a prior thought with all these suggestions, mentioned above, was not enough that your website is finally marked as Spam in either case. You Really Need to Worry Big!


But, still Gabblet suggests you to not to make your energy level down. Don’t kill your hope.


Ranking Google Panda or Google Penguin penalized website is possible in few ways as mentioned:


Tip 1. SEO for Google penalized websites

Rethink to go for a fresh search engine optimization for your website from a good firm. And, that good firm must not include the blind promising to get your website rankings back. But it should first promise to regain your websites image in the eyes of Google back to be Good. Ask them to first send a reconsideration request to Google. Then comes their effort and strategy that they choose and shares with you. Just keep yourself updated with what tacts they would be following to get your lost assets and pride back for your website.


Tip 2. Ask them why your website is penalized

You need not panic and hesitate in asking them why their website is penalized before. On getting the right answer, as what you must have been got as a hint directly by Google, just ask them to proceed and keep in touch what they are doing next.


Tip 3. Ask them to remove every spammy link previously

If you are not sure of the reason just ask them to remove every spammy link from previous SEO jobs. And, if possible ask them to provide you a list as a backup for yourself. A smart and faithful SEO firm would be keeping you updated with these in advance. A genuine and better way is to use Link Disavow Tool by Google that should be used by a real SEO expert carefully.


Tip 4. Ask them to re-optimize every single content

You must ask them to go for re-optimization of every single old content of your website. They must be capable of providing you a technical report for the each and every fresh on-page or off-page SEO work for your website, from meta tags to title tags, from images to written contents or articles. Even ask for the reports for quality websites they might be using for off-page submissions.


Tip 5. Be Patient and Cross your fingers

Finally you must relax and make it a habit of keeping yourself updated with every single activity they are opting to work to regain the keyword’s rankings of your website back. Moreover, have patience for the expected results, and ofcourse cross your fingers and hope for the best. Good Luck!


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